February 26, 2012


    This is one dessert which owes its origin to one of our (Hetal and mine) long phone conversations!:P  Hetal was continuously praising some sweet dish she had just tried at a dinner she had just come back from ... It sounded like an easy make n worth giving a shot. So with that description over phone I ventured in making this dessert which involves rasgulla and ice cream ! How can it be any bad I thought...I made it for a bunch of friends and if I recall all of them loved it.
When Hetal visited us in Amherst, we were having a big Graduation party for her hubby I suggested that we make that easy dessert..It had to be something really easy as we had around 30-40 guests for sure on that day ;) ! When I almost finished preping it and actually making (prep = make for this dessert) it she said " Ajanta..this is not what I had at my friends place!" "Oops... that is what I make", I said :P  n after she had the one I made, she says that she likes this version more  :)
Someone in that party just randomly called it ice-gulla as it is made from Ice cream and rasgulla and everyone agreed that its is a valid logical name !!!That was the story behind 'ice-gulla'...and here goes the recipe...

1 can of rasgulla
1 carton vanilla ice cream (1.5 quart)
Chocolate syrup, cashews and pistachios for garnishing

1. Squeeze rasgullas to get rid of excess sugar syrup. Leave just enough syrup to not make it extremely dry.
2. Make small pieces of rasgullas (you can cut with a knife or simply tear with good old hands) and divide into two batches.
3. Layer a set of rasgullas on a deep glass container.
4. Melt ice cream in the microwave just enough so that spread it easily (10 seconds should be good)
5. Layer half of icecream and then layer rest of the rasgulla on it.
6. Finish layering with rest of icecream .
7. Set in the freezer for at least 2 - 4 hours .
8. Thaw for 15 mins before serving.
7. Garnish with pistachios, cashews and choco syrup.. I have used strawberries, kiwis and even raisins.

A friend recently had asked for this recipe and said that I should share this one with the rest of you! Picture courtesy also goes to her since I dont remember ever taking any pic of  'ice-gulla' !! Thanks Mini :)
Ready to serve Ice-gulla
Bon Apetit friends ...
Ajanta from Amherst