April 16, 2012

Mango Pie

Mango is undoubtedly my favorite fruit and anything about it (even thought) makes me very happy. I got this recipe from a friend a few summers back and since then it has always been in demand. Here goes the unbelievably easy recipe for all of you.
This recipe calls for 3 mango pies. The friend who passed me this recipe tried adjusting ingredient amounts to make 1 pie and unfortunately it did not turn out well- she warned! But you never know, it might work for you! I have not tried yet coz most of our friends have sweet tooth. So we never have leftover desserts in our fridge :)

Mango pie with fresh strawberries

Serves: 1 - 16 ( Totally your wish !)
Prep Time: 15 mins
Setting time: Minimum 4 hours
  • Mango pulp can (850 gms); Indian Grocery Stores carry cans with exactly this amount.
  • Sour cream (8 oz)
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese (8 oz)
  • Plain gelatin (3 sachets); Generally plain gelatin packet comes in 4 sachets of net weight 4 oz
  • Sugar (6 tsp)
  • Pie crust (3 small)
  • Mix sour cream and cream cheese and beat it lightly (~ 3mins) to soften it.
  • Mix mango pulp with sour cream and cheese.
  • Dissolve gelatin in water as per instructions on the packet.
  • Add sugar and gelatin to the pulp and mix well.
  • Divide the mixture into three parts; I just pour it into crusts and fill them to the brim.
  • Cool it in the refrigerator for four hours or till the pulp is set.
Serve chilled with Cool Whip or fresh fruits.
A slice down ;)
A very happy spring to all of you !! 

Ajanta from Amherst



  1. How about trying to make 1/3rd of this without using 3 crusts and a whole can of mango pulp?? :P

    It was amazingly good though.. :)

  2. Tried the recipe and everybody totally loved it! A very simple but absolutely delicious dessert.