October 16, 2011

Lakshmi Puja special 'Besan ka laddoo'!

 I had made besan ka laddoo, on the occasion of ‘Kojagari Lakshmi Puja’,  which is celebrated on the same day as  ‘Sharad Poonam’. I wanted to follow my mom’s tradition of making  some sweet at home on this day just to get a feel for the festival. 

This sweet is not a Bengali mishti but had to make something which was fast and involved readily available ingredients as it was a last minute decision.
Recipe Courtesy: Sis-in-law who has a passion for cooking as well!
1.     Besan/ gram flour: 1 ½  cup
2.     Suji/ Semolina: 4 tbsp
3.     Ghee: ½ cup
4.     Sugar: 1 cup
5.     Cardamom powder: 1 tbsp
6.     Nuts ; I used cashews but almonds/ pistachios will be good too.
Roasted besan
1.   Mix besan, suji and ghee well in a bowl.
2.   Tranfer this mix to a nonstick pan and roast in medium flame for  10- 15 minutes. The color would change to brown at this point. If you feel that besan is not cooked well (as  stoves have different heating capacities, so the time may vary) roast for some more time.
3.   Remove from flame and allow it to cool for ~15 mins
4.  Add sugar, cardamom powder and nuts and make into laddoos.
Sugar and nuts added to roasted besan

Happy Festive season!
The home made laddoos did give a ‘feel good’ quotient to a very simple Lakshmi puja at home.
Ajanta from Amherst.

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